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Traceable Liquids

In recent months some police forces have started to use the term traceable liquids when referring to forensic marking products.

SelectaDNA traceable liquids contain a UV tracer and unique DNA code, as well as thousands of microdots in certain products, so it can be easily detected by Police and traced back to its rightful owner, while also supplying Police with the necessary evidence to convict the offender.

SelectaDNA offers a range of traceable liquid solutions; including spray, gel and grease. It can be used to mark valuable items in homes or businesses, applied to outdoor metal and even to tag offenders.

With our Asset Marking Kits the combination of a unique DNA code, microdots and access to our Secure Asset Register allows Police to instantly identify the property as stolen, find out who the property belongs to and acts as concrete evidence to secure a conviction.

Our Offender Spray and Grease products enable police to collect traces of the DNA marker from the skin, hair and clothing of offenders and send them away for forensic analysis. Although invisible and harmless, the solution can remain on the criminal for many weeks, clinging to fibres and settling in the creases of the skin, providing the proof needed to link a criminal to a specific crime.

The main benefit of using a SelectaDNA traceable liquid is the fear factor that it brings. Criminals know the effectiveness of our products and so stay away when they see our warning signs. This deterrent effect is strong enough to have reduced burlgaries by up to 83% in areas where SelectaDNA Traceable Liquids have been deployed by Police.

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