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Law enforcement

Law enforcement


We carry out regular complimentary training sessions with US Police Forces in order to ensure they know how to find traces of SelectaDNA, and how to take samples to be analysed.

We also provide training for officers who are responsible for the distribution of SelectaDNA kits to members of the public during burglary reductions campaigns, so they can explain how the product works and how to use it.

We have provided some general Police, Home Office and our own advice on how to protect your property below. We hope you will find this useful.

Property Marking

The main Crime Prevention purpose of marking your property is to make it less attractive to potential thieves as they know that if they are caught in possession of a marked item by the Police, they can quickly establish it is stolen property.

Furthermore, the property will be more difficult for them to sell on to a willing purchaser of the item.

Of course it also greatly enhances the chance of an owner being re-united with the item. Some things like jewellery and gifts can never be replaced no matter how much insurance money you receive, so it is far better to deter a theft or burglary happening in the first place.

Although etching/punching a Postcode and house number or name/company name on property can be very effective it is not always the most practical option so other quicker and easier methods have been developed including forensic coding.

Photography & Asset Registers

Taking photographs of property as detailed as possible is recommended for reconciliation/prosecution of offender purposes, particularly if it is not property-marked.

In addition to this, it is useful for both home-owners and companies to keep a property or asset register so that there is a record of these in the event of a burglary. If buying a SelectaDNA kit, the user can keep such a register on the SelectaDNA database at no additional cost.

Crime Prevention Officers

Your local Police Crime Prevention Officers or Community Safety Partnership can advise which methods of property marking are best suited to various applications. Occasionally they obtain funding to set up large scale marking schemes with the aim of reducing burglaries, especially in crime hot spot areas.