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About Us


What we do:
CSI Protect brings proven methods to reduce crime from Northern Europe into the U.S. Some of these forensic methods have been proven (in over 30 countries) to reduce crime by over 50%.

Who we are:
A seasoned team of senior professionals with decades of experience.
Our US team is located in Boynton Beach, FL - Knoxville, TN and Los Angeles, CA.

Recommended by Insurance companies

Every year theft and burglaries costs US industry millions of dollars. Security marking is a simple, low cost and highly effective theft deterrent. DNA marked property is of little interest to thieves as they know DNA links them to crimes they commit, and it is virtually impossible to sell on. In addition, if stolen, the property is easily identifiable giving a very good chance of recovery. SelectaDNA is ideal for use on any valuable asset or equipment, such as laptops, motor vehicles, motorcycles, machinery, tools, marine craft etc.

Many Insurance companies actively recommend Forensic Property Marking to their policyholders. Some Insurance companies even make it a condition of insurance cover and it also forms a part of many police and crime prevention initiatives.