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Robbery & Burglary Protection for Businesses

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Used and trusted by leading companies worldwide:

The SelectaDNA Spray provides retailers, financial institutions and other organisations with desirable stock or cash-filled tills, with a proven robbery and burglary deterrent. It uses synthetic DNA to link criminals directly to crime scenes, and is one of the most effective ways to prevent offences taking place.

The DNA Spray can be armed by a panic button and/or linked to an existing intruder alarm system. Once activated the Spray emits a burst of forensic solution onto the offenders. The solution contains a UV Tracer and DNA code, uniquely coded for each premises, to irrefutably link the fleeing criminal to the scene of the crime.

During routine UV scanning, Police can take traces of the DNA marker from the skin, hair and clothing of offenders, and send them away for forensic analysis. Although invisible and harmless, the solution can remain on the criminal for many weeks, clinging to fibres and settling in creases of the skin.

By displaying SelectaDNA Spray signage, protected sites immediately become hard targets as criminals are so fearful of DNA technology - they know that DNA links them to crimes they commit. It is not unusual for crimes to be completely eradicated once SelectaDNA Sprays are in use.

SelectaDNA is a cost-effective and easy to install forensic spray system that can be used in a wide range of applications. It offers a very real benefit that intruder alarm systems alone cannot deliver, and as such it has to be recommended.

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No Reward For Jewel Raiders

Jewellery stores in Darwen, East Lancashire, which were being regularly targeted by robbers are now protected by the SelectaDNA Spray, thanks to Lancashire Partnership Against Crime. Local Police have praised the deterrent value of the spray, saying it encourages criminals to think twice. There have been no break-ins or attempted break-ins since the systems were installed in May 2010.


Bank of New Zealand choose DNA Protection

The SelectaDNA Spray has been fitted in all 181 branches of the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) and since the installation programme in March 2010 there have been no robberies at BNZ to date. SelectaDNA is proving to be a cost-effective model, not just in the initial set-up, but in the ongoing servicing and management of the units. The robbery deterrent aspect was a particularly strong feature for the bank when considering the safety of its staff and customers - BNZ’s Security Manager said there is nothing else like it on the market.


Retail Crime Reduced To Zero

A leading high street pharmacy chain has successfully protected valuable stock for more than six months following the installation of the intruder spray at one of its branches in Glasgow. The shop had previously been broken into six times in one month, sustaining damage on each occasion. Since the installation of the spray system there have been no break-ins reported.SelectaDNA Spray gives shopkeepers and retailers in these vulnerable areas added protection and peace of mind.


McDonald’s Heightens Security

Restaurant chain McDonalds uses the SelectaDNA Spray to prevent cash robberies. The spray has been integrated into existing security systems at McDonald’s restaurants in The Netherlands, and Australia. A spokesperson for McDonald’s said that the SelectaDNA Spray System represents the very latest in security technology and that it has already proved itself to be a very effective robbery deterrent.