SelectaDNA Classic Car Kit

A DNA Forensic Property Marking kit to mark and protect your classic car or racecar.

Brand: SelectaDNA


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A DNA Forensic Property Marking kit to mark your classic car or racecar.

How attractive is your classic car or racecar to a thief?

Make your car valueless to a would-be-thief by marking it with a unique DNA code that is virtually impossible to get rid of and incriminates anyone who is caught with it.

This DNA forensic property marking kit contains:

  • 1 x 8ml bottle containing the crime beating SELECTADNA formula of UV tracer, microdots and unique DNA
  • Stick applicator
  • Durable warning labels
  • Registration and change of address form
  • SelectaDNA Laminated Warning Labels (Sheet of 25)
  • Window Stickers (Sheet of 2)

Application Instructions

Step 1: Apply the SelectaDNA solution to the recommended areas of the car

Step 2: Stick the warning stickers to the windows of the car 

Step 3: Register your kit online or complete and return the registration form

For more information please call 865-935-8518 or e-mail [email protected]

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